Navigating the Real Estate Boom!

What a year it has been! Real Estate in Ellicottville and the surroundings has been flying off the shelves. Every type of property, and now as housing supply dwindles, land is in high demand.

So what is feeding this frenzy? For some, it’s F.O.M.O. (Fear Of Missing Out). People see the news reports and the latest trends and rush to grab anything they can.

From some it’s social distance, now being able to work from home. Why not upgrade to a place that surrounds you with beauty, keeps you away from the masses and acts as a functional office?

A couple of things to keep in mind if your looking and not having much luck finding your dream home:

-Communication. Call your realtor frequently to check for newly listed homes. The early bird most certainly gets the worm.

-Be prepared to possibly waive a home inspection (never recommended).

-Be prepared to pay some of the sellers closing costs.

-Be financially ready to offer above asking price and suggest an escalation clause with your agent.

-Be ready to initially put more money down.

-Be aggressive in your approach, if you see a house you like, move quickly, don’t wait.