Robert & Mary Ann Hebert

“We had a very difficult home to sell. Beautiful home in a low property value area. Melanie did a great job with marketing. It was everywhere and constantly pushed to the front. We live out of state so Melanie had to be fully responsible for our home with showings. Couldn’t be more pleased. She treated my home as if it were hers. And when it finally sold we received more money for our property than any other in our area. Highest sale ever!!  Go Melanie. And she’s one of the sweetest people we’ve ever met. We highly recommend her. Great agent!”

“Melanie was very professional. She responded to every question throughout the process and remained available if we needed her.  She had a professional photographer take pictures and provided us with an app that let us know the status of the sale. Wonderful experience.”

– Robert & Mary Ann Hebert