Snow Stacking Up!

You can frequently see the impact of a pandemic in the Village of Ellicottville. With so many entertainment venues closed around Western New York, learning how to ski and being outside (away from the zoom calls and the home confinement) is making our town one popular place.

Traffic on any given weekend runs the length of the town. Sidewalks are busy and the slopes are full. There has never been a better time for the great outdoors and the social distance you need than right now!

The Holimont Ski Resort has great deals on trial memberships–factor in an excellent job of keeping everything clean for it’s members in our COVID-19 world, it’s the place to be and feel safe. Holiday Valley follows suit and extends the fun with spectacular night skiing!

Mask up and check out all that Ellicottville has to offer. Looking to settle into your own place here? Give us a buzz!